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Vibrational Consulting

$100 for 60 min session

I strongly believe that the universe does not respond to your words, it responds to your vibration.

Can you remember a time when you said something like: "Thank you so much for my Birthday present, I love it! But really, on the inside, you were thinking in that sarcastic voice... "yeah, thanks so much for my red socks..."

This is just a funny example to illustrate that sometimes we don't always say what we really feel. But I assure you the universe always knows what is authentic truth and what is just a mask.

In my Vibrational Consulting sessions, my aim is to help you find your true vibration, so you can begin to show congruence with what you say and how you feel. Why? because this is the key to manifesting what you truly want!

For example. A client might say, "I am so ready to meet the man of my dreams". However, on the inside she was feeling like she will never be good enough to have the man of her dreams.

That feeling is what I like to call the undercurrent vibration. This undercurrent is what the universe responds to and therefore she will only attract relationships that keep her feeling unworthy or not good enough.

If a client like this came to me, I would not be helping her to align to the man of her dreams, I would be facilitating a change in her self-belief that will allow her to feel good enough to be with the man of her dreams.

If you know you are being incongruent or perhaps you haven't been manifesting what you want in life and would like insight as to what your undercurrent vibration is, please feel free to contact me on 0433 441 772

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